Although Nvidia has finally taken the expected step, users are not entirely sure. On one side prices of miner cards On the other hand, the effectiveness of the green team’s measures raises questions.

The move of the GPU giant after the last few months Ethereum has become increasingly valuable finally came. Selling graphics cards to miners in the short term beyond selling all products or even finding buyers above their value may damage the company a shopping.

Nvidia had to take a step for itself

As a matter of fact, the result of this table is stock shortage We saw it during the period. When the cards sold to miners in bulk began to not bring enough profit to miners in the second hand market took.

RTX Ampere’s restriction against cryptocurrency mining

RTX 3060’s cryptocurrency mining performance restriction and miner specific CMP HX series cards are important at this point. RTX 3060’la To begin with, if the restriction is at the driver level, its effectiveness is likely to be short-lived. Because although NVidia AMD’nin on the contrary closed source prepare and DRM These initiatives have not been very beneficial so far, although they are supported by insoles.

Moreover, the miners got behind financial motivation and past From January cryptocurrency miners, due to notebooks with RTX 3060 on the market GA106 GPU The fact that he is already involved with his drivers makes the situation worse. It is not known how long the BIOS-level measures will keep miners busy.

On the other hand, not valid for RTX Ampere cards in the market. BIOS lock Besides driver-based measures, miners simply with no results staying on the old drive can remain.

Another claim is GPU-BIOS-driver that it is a constraint based on communication between the trilogy. If true, this restriction seems harder to overcome. hope giving.

More effective solution: CMP HX series for miners

Of nvidia special card production for miners strategy can come to the rescue. Moreover, this step is a method that can be effective for a longer time compared to the other solution.

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The green team published a CMP HX series video cards with power consumption, memory capacity and digging performance Even if she shares a relevant table, your cards price and stock information the cover is not removed.

It all depends on the price and availability of miner cards

It will determine the success of this strategy, which has the potential to shift miners to a market entirely separate from the gaming graphics card market. 2 important topics these too.

If the idea of ​​a special miner card works, in theory it means more graphics cards for gamers, and Nvidia will be available later in the second hand. From the RTX Ampere graphics card flood will be protected.

So far, so good. OK then miners special graphics cards If not buy? The video card of this problem totally an investment Considering the miners who see it as 2 unknown strongly attached to the detail.

Because miners can dig graphics cards produced for gamers by cryptocurrency. making money effortlessly when they’re done buying these cards for sell to players plans. The mining community’s equipment at hand worthless It should not be forgotten that he will not want him to behave

Graphics card that suffers from stock shortage for 2 periods

However, finding a gaming graphics card in the market is difficult for miners as well as gamers. Miners are sweeping whatever they find in the market these days. This RX 570/580s and the relatively young GTX 1650 Supers from the rising price possible to understand.

Therefore, rather than restricting Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series against cryptocurrency mining miners custom card idea more successful may be.

AMD’s silence is upsetting

Nvidia’s task here is to get the cards to the correct address and to maintain the price balance. On the other hand, even though the green team tries to resist the flow in the market, changing the supply-demand rules hard.

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Finally, Nvidia will not be harmed as a result of the new steps, and the miners will in the short term from player cards may not deter also. For this reason, RTX 3060 stocks are not completely optimistic. Even so Where AMD remains silent Nvidia has at least one move in current conditions admirable good

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