Published and developed by Systemic Reaction The co-op action game Second Extinction, Coming to Xbox consoles.

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In October 2020 Steam open to early access via Dinosaur themed co-op action game Announced for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One. Game for Xbox too Game Preview will be published in the form. So kind of early access we can say.

The exact date is not given but this year spring It was said that it will come to Xbox consoles in months. Trailer and promotional article shared for the game below You can find. You can also access your Steam account by clicking here.

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Introductory Letter


The goal is simple: take the world back. Defeat hordes of mutated dinosaurs with up to two friends in Second Extinction. Attention solo players: Second Extinction is designed around team play. Only the strongest survive.


The goal of Early Access is also very simple: Working with the community to deliver the best gaming experience. We want to hear their feedback clearly so our community can be an important part of the development process. Still, there is a lot you can earn with your tooth and nail (or claw) from day one: 4 heroes, 10 weapons (each with 5 upgrade tiers), 6 missions that you will find in different parts of our big map, and a few special side missions.


Our motto is clear, “Players win battles, communities win battles.” Our War Effort feature summarizes exactly that. Each region of our large map has a unique threat level. This threat level can be reduced if players are successful in their missions and activities. Of course, dinosaurs are not comfortable either, they will attack points where you don’t exist. Each week the community will pay for their efforts or bear the consequences of their failures. A challenging Emergence Event will be waiting for you if you let the threat level get out of control.

By playing Second Extinction, you won’t just have played any cooperative shooter. You will accompany us on an adventure that together we will shape the experience. Every feedback, every task you play is important to us. So what are you waiting for? The battle to take back the world begins here.

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