Smart toothbrush with color touch screen produced by Oclean company Oclean X Pro’da discount started. By using the discount code you can purchase Oclean X Pro in addition to all discounts. with a 5 percent discount you can buy it.

Discount code: XPRO5

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To purchase Oclean x Pro at a discount, add the product to your cart in Hepsiburada. Click on the gift voucher option and enter XPRO5 in the code field. The discount code will be applied to your cart, and its price will drop by 5 percent.

If you want to buy Oclean x Pro from the physical store Mi Store 41 Burda You can visit the store. Store address: Sanayi Mah. Omer Turkcakal Bulvari No: 7, Izmit / Kocaeli

Oclean X Pro features

According to the World Health Organization, brushing your teeth properly every day protects your teeth and minimizes your risk of dental disease. So how are teeth brushed correctly? Many people do not know how to brush their teeth properly. This is where the smart features of Oclean x Pro come into play. It allows you to brush your teeth properly.

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Screen: 0.96 inch color touch
Motor: Maglev motor, max speed 42,000 rpm, max torsion
Charging features: Two-in-one magnetic charging unit.
Battery duration: 800mAh, 40 days of use with 2 hours of charging.
Connect: Bluetooth 4.2BLE
Standard brush head: brush wire diameter 0.152mm
Personalization: 32 hardness levels, 4 modes, 20 plans and hundreds of customizable plans

The highlights of Oclean X Pro are:

1.Helping to find your right brushing direction

Everyone’s mouth structure and food are different. For this reason, tooth brushing methods also vary from person to person. Oclean x Pro offers a special brushing program according to the person’s diet, mouth structure and life habits. Offers 20 more grip styles and hundreds of programs for brushing.

2.Helps to improve your correct brushing method

Oclean x Pro has a 6-axis gyroscope and tracking chip that collects brushing data independently of the toothbrush head. It records the angle, oscillation, direction, pressure, cleaning area, brushing time, and standing position between tooth and brush. The algorithm evaluates this data and scores your brushing quality. When your score is low, suggestions are shown on how to brush through the mobile application.

3.Help you fully brush your teeth

The brush has a blind spot detection feature. Teeth that you do not dwell enough on while brushing are detected. The parts of your tooth that you brushed less are displayed on the touch screen and you are asked to brush these parts again. Thus, it allows you to fully brush all your teeth. Sensors on the brush detect that you are brushing the enamel, reducing the power of the machine and preventing damage to your enamel.

To purchase Ocleak x Pro at a discount:

Discount code: XPRO5

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