At some point in our lives, there has been a period in our lives when they cannot play the game they want because the computer does not run, or even if they do, they cannot play it in a pleasant way. You may even be living that period right now. This is of course an extremely sad situation. With the introduction of technology, especially the internet, this sad situation is gradually disappearing. Many different companies have entered into before, but for the first time we saw the big investment on Google Google Stadia with playing games by streaming has become even more popular. Unfortunately, Google was not able to fully utilize the Stadia service and is currently an in-the-middle technology. Having the same technology in the early days of Stadia GeForce Now It has been made available and has been used fluently by many people since its opening. Although it came out quietly, we can say that it is now undoubtedly ahead of Stadia.

Now the GeForce such success was not enough for players in Turkey last month announced a new good news. Nvidia and Turkcell in cooperation with GeForce Now servers, Turkcell through the servers in Turkey It was announced that it would serve. Of course, this meant a more comfortable transportation for us. Recently, GeForce Now by GAME + 15 Mart’a it will be in closed beta until 15 March and it will be accessible to everyone on 15 March. While I was in the closed beta phase, I had the opportunity to try a few days and share with you I wanted.

GeForce Now if your internet is good anyway running almost smoothly it was a system. It was a system that those with bad internet could not use or had difficulty using. When we heard that opened two of our expectations of Turkey occurred on the server; more a smooth gaming experience and more affordable fee. Unfortunately, no statement has been made regarding the fee. Therefore, I cannot say anything about this topic for now. I would just like to note briefly that, just like abroad, there is a free version it will be. However, I want to say something about the smooth gaming experience.

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GeForce Now’ın 50 Mbps We can say that it already works comfortably at internet speeds of and above. The servers opened in our country did not make an obvious difference to me in this regard. As I said, it was already good and still good. Also in the images below GeForce Now with an internet of 100 Mbps Cyberpunk 2077 played over and one below At high settings with a system with RTX 2060 You can see the Cyberpunk 2077 played. There is almost no difference between the two images. I can say that I do not feel the difference while playing. When you forget that you are playing on GeForce Now, you cannot see any difference.

Via GeForce Now with 100 Mbps Internet

High Settings in RTX 2060 System

As I said, it offers an extremely satisfying visual and there is almost no delay. So it has a lag as if you were playing normally. Although there is no obvious difference The difference in Turkey servers I can say I feel a little bit.

However, I saw the real difference when I tried it with a different internet. With 100 Mbps, you can use GeForce Now outside the internet. 25 Mbps’lik I tried one more internet. I can say that I saw here the difference in Turkey servers. GeForce Now in Turkey with an internet server version unopened 25 Mbps the game was not being played, at least I couldn’t play. So it was playing, but it wasn’t called playing. But now when I try there is an obvious difference I saw. Yes, the image quality is bad but without delay and without stuck I could easily play. In the meantime, the image quality is poor, but since I pass directly through the RTX 2060 system, the difference may have seemed to me much more. So directly 25 Mbps’lik when you enter with an internet may not bother. This difference may become meaningless for you, especially when you get caught up in the game. In short, here is the part I want to draw attention to: You can play the game without any lag or lag even with a 25 Mbps internet, only visuals a little low. Below you can find the images I try to take from the same angle.

Via GeForce Now with 25 Mbps Internet

Via GeForce Now with 100 Mbps Internet

High Settings in RTX 2060 System

In order to see a different game, you can also The Medium I also tried the psychological horror game named. The Medium definitely needs hardware and a game that challenges the computer. The image below is also an image taken while playing with 25 Mbps internet.

As a result, to wrap up, definitely GeForce Now by Game + a nice breakthrough. In the coming months, the system will become even more qualified with the development of the system and other servers to be opened to our country. If we can see an average or lower price in terms of price, we are happy. To be honest, within this whole system, the most comfortable without having to download the game I was able to play. It’s a really comfortable situation.

GeForce Now by Game + will be available on March 15. Click here Do not forget to register. If there is a limit on premium membership, priority will be given to the records here.

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