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Microsoft, Office 2021 and Office LTSCannounced. The first will be offered to consumers, the second to commercial customers. The packages are designed for users who are not ready to move to the Microsoft 365 cloud service.

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For Windows and Mac platforms

Office 2021, Windows and Mac will be released in versions. Microsoft waiting for users in Office 2021 all changes has not announced yet. Most likely the package, Microsoft 365 It will include some of the features available in Office apps as part of its subscription.

As for Office LTSC, ExcelDark theme, accessibility enhancements, Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP will receive support for its features. At the same time, Office LTSC is now only seven instead of seven. for five years will be supported. Office LTSC preview version for testing Engagement It will be released in. Finally, this version of Office 2021 for Windows and macOS late in the year Let’s also mention that it will be released

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