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Head of nubia Ni Fei, Through the Chinese social network Weibo, Red Magic 6 ishared information about. “Faster than fastThe innovative player phone presented with the slogan “compared to Formula 1 cars”, 4 Mart will be introduced on.

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Collaborated with Tencent

Promotion in your visual, which means screen refresh, charging technology, cooling system and processor of four “fast” functions is mentioned. Ni Fei, Red Magic 6 120W GaN (Gallium Nitride) also announced that it supports the charger. Battery capacity 4500 mAh it will be. Previously, to track the movement of the phone in different directions 9 axis Information about a sensor also emerged.

In games to improve the performance of the smartphone. Tencent Games Cooperated with. According to the emerging certification documents of the smartphone Standard and Pro versions are known to exist. Apparently, the promotional poster shows the Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro. Because the standard model 66W expected to arrive with fast charging.

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