NASA’s historic Mars mission PerseveranceNew photos continue to come from. NASA has now shared new photos of the spacecraft’s landing moments. Among the new images is a very nice photo taken from orbit.

Speaking about photos from the Perseverance mission, NASA employee Pauline Hwang said“We have taken more photos than I can count. More than I can show from my fingers. The transmission of the images was incredibly exciting, the whole team went crazy … Our scientists immediately started zooming in and examining the stones in the photos.” used the expressions.

Photo taken by the MRO satellite orbiting Mars:

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There is currently about 11 minutes of light lag between Mars and Earth. Communication with the spacecraft happens very slowly due to the enormous distances and insufficient capacity. However, of course, it will continue to send Perseverance data to Earth, albeit slowly.

NASA also captured a high-quality video of the landing moments on Mars during the Perseverance mission. Perseverance’s landing video marked a historic first in Red Planet missions. This video is expected to be delivered to Earth and shared with the world in the upcoming period.

The image taken during the landing moment of the vehicle that lowered Perseverance to the surface:

Steltzner, the chief engineer of Perseverance, who looks at the importance of shared photos from a different perspective, compared the Mars photos to the first Saturn photos taken in the 60s“How many brilliant minds have these fantastic and iconic photographs attracted to space exploration so far? We hope that all our engineering work will one day contribute to the addition of new iconic images to this collection. used the expressions.

The Perseverance spacecraft landed on the surface of the Red Planet on February 18 at 23.55 BST. Perseverance, descending into the 49 km wide Jezero crater, thought to be home to a large river and lake in the past, said, “Was there life on Mars?” will be busy looking for an answer to his question.

The first color image from Perseverance:

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