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Samsung SamMobile has published the first information about the new generation Samsung smart watches to be announced this year: According to rumors, South Korean giant devices software plans to completely redesign the section.

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Company SM-R86x and SM-R87x It is preparing devices with code names for release. Currently available Galaxy Watch We know that the models have a code such as SM-R8xx. Therefore, new smart watches to the same family We can say that it will be included.

Tizen is weak on the application side

On the software side, Samsung’s Tizen operating system It is stated that he is planning to leave. The reason is for this operating system underdeveloped shown as application infrastructure. Because the Tizen operating system is on the application side Wear OSHe can’t even race with. These rumors were also raised in 2008.

The new smart watches are specially designed for other wearable devices. Android It is reported that it will come with its version, Wear OS. This Wear OS supported Galaxy Watch models are quite different from what we are used to user interface and the future with new features is among the leaked information.

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