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WhatsAppnew rules for the provision of services and user data processing policy Until May 15 announced what will happen to users who do not accept.

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New terms after May 15 if you refusefor a few weeks calls and notifications you will still be able to receive it, but from the app can’t read message and you won’t be able to send. It is not yet clear what will happen next, but WhatsApp’s For 120 days inactive accounts erase has a new policy like. This rule does not apply to new policies. accounts not accepting may also apply to.

It was postponed from February 8 to May 15

WhatsApp for years Facebook metadata and what the app will send now of only new knowledgeBetter ads for you on Facebook’s various services targeting It was stated that there was payment and transaction data to help.

WhatsApp in January, the new rules should be accepted After the announcement, it attracted great reaction from users. Users are at the top Telegram They started to move on to other services. Initially, your changes 8 Februarybut later the adoption of new rules May 15 has been postponed to the date.

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