It will continue to share the metadata with 70 subsidiaries of Facebook. What is this Metadata? We can say your activity information. Who you called, to whom you texted, GPS information of you and the other person is shared. This may sound very innocent, but they can tell from your activity what you are actually doing. Also, do not forget that if you have additional programs such as not only Whatsapp but also Instagram and Facebook, your data is collected in a common pool and processed. The shared activity is not only Whatsapp, but also the information of your calls and messages from the regular phone. When setting up Whatsapp, you also set up cookies. It collects data from the system.

There are many examples on the Web about this, let me share one;

They know that he called a phone sex service at 2:24 pm and talked for 18 minutes. But they don’t know what you’re talking about.

They know you are calling a gynecologist, talking for half an hour and calling the local Planned Parenting number that day. But nobody knows what you are talking about.

They know you’re talking to an HIV testing service, then your doctor, and then your health insurance company at the same time. But they don’t know what is being discussed.

In this example, your situation is actually quite clear. With the help of metadata and cookies, there is no need to read your message.

Let me give you an example, I belong more to Turkey;

Suppose you are in a group about the Boğaziçi University protest. It is clear that you messaged in the group, you participated in a protest in that group, all of those in that group were marked as a protest group. It is not difficult for them to understand that there will be a new action when there is next correspondence.

Now let’s come to the conclusion, even if they say that we will read your message, not metadata, this nation will accept it as sheep and continue to use it. When asked the reason, they say “everybody uses it” or “let’s read what will happen”.

the interior ministry comes out and you are not a terrorist, you share with 70 companies, we will read your messages and they will say okay to him with this head. I think the reading of the interior affairs is more innocent than the reading of 70 American companies. Still, it is necessary to understand the importance of privacy and explain it to people. Let Whatsapp stop, but invite those you meet the most to telegram. Get in touch with those you talk to most often, use Whatsapp as little as possible. I deleted my whatsapp, which I bought for $ 1 in 2008, last month and I am talking to everyone from telegram. I had already carried all my relatives for a year. I don’t have any problems, greetings to zukerberg.

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