Turkey continues to come to new details of the National Space Program. From Middle East Eye To the news of Ragıp Soylu According to the National Space Program, which aims to make a soft landing on the Moon in 2028, a budget of at least $ 1.1 billion is planned.

TUA is only responsible for general management and coordination

Turkey Space Agency (SUA) is of course based on a budget of $ 1 billion, but no official statement Ragip Noble speaking, the budget for the National Space Program should be separated into different ministries and agencies. Therefore, TUA’s low budget on paper will not negatively affect the planned space missions in any way.

According to Ragıp Soylu’s source, TUA will only be responsible for the general management and coordination of the program.

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“Expenditures will be made through different state institutions. For example, the state-owned defense industry companies. The Ministry of Defense itself will also allocate a budget for the space program,” he told Soylu. used the expressions.

Somalia detail in the space program

President Erdogan introduced the ‘space port’ project for the first time in the promotion of the National Space Program. According to the report of Ragıp Soylu, the strongest candidate for the region where this space base will be established is Somalia. Turkish rockets could in the future take off from launch pads in Somalia.

The choice of location is very important in the construction of the space base. In regions close to the equator, rockets can reach space with optimum efficiency by making the most of the Earth’s rotational speed. Therefore, Turkey is not a very suitable area for the space station setup. TUA chose Somalia as the most suitable candidate among the partner countries close to the equator. He also wanted to establish a space base in Somalia earlier in the 1960s in France.

It is estimated that a potential space base to be built in Somalia will cost around $ 350 million. Since this number is only a prediction at the moment, it may change in the coming years.

In 2028 Turkey’s biggest goal of the National Space Program will realize a soft landing on the Moon. However, we also have a hard landing target for 2023 before that. In the first Lunar mission in 2023, it was announced that the spacecraft would belong to a domestic country and the take-off rocket would belong to a foreign country. In 2028, a completely local mission is planned on both rocket and spacecraft. On this side, the Somali space base will also be of great importance.


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