Huawei Technologies, its suppliers, in force for one and a half years US sanctions due to this year’s more than 60 percent announced that it will be reduced.

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From reliable news sources Nikkei Asia ‘According to the report of Huawei, this year Huawei 70-80 million announced that it plans to order parts for the smartphone. This number is the number that Huawei launched for sale last year. 189 million over 60 percent compared to a smartphone decrease reflects.

The company has accumulated on time microchip and component managed to survive thanks to its stocks. But August in, head of the consumer electronics division of the Huawei Consumer Group Richard Yuwarned that the group was facing a chip shortage. Because Huawei has its own brand for smartphones Make a develops processors under the name, but in their production American they have a dependency on technology.

According to research firm IDC, last year the Chinese tech giant, Samsung Electronics and Applein the global smartphone industry after to third place declined. Experts say more due to Huawei’s US export restrictions this year. will lose position guesses.

Huawei’s hope is the new US President

If we remind you: In November, Huawei, US restrictions to help regain access to critical components and parts entering More than 30 Budget brand to a consortium of Chinese companies HonorHe had sold. Honor’s like AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Micron Technology, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, SK Hynix and Sony with important sellers It is stated that he re-established business relations.

Some Huawei suppliers U.S. Department of CommerceAlthough the company has obtained permission to supply spare parts, the company 5G models still does not have access to its main components. Earlier this month, founder and CEO of Huawei Ren Zhengfei Between the United States and the Chinese tech giant relations reset called. Speaking to the international media in China, Zhengfei said, US President Joe Biden He expressed his readiness to meet with the new policyHe said he hoped.

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