The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that the next generation missiles have been developed that will take the country’s air defense system capabilities one step further. Missile systems, called Arrow-4, are the type of Arrow-2s currently in use. will replace.

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Arrow 4s, which were started to be developed by the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and the American Missile Defense Agency, will represent the next generation of endo-exo atmospheric interceptors. System operating as part of a multi-layered system to destroy ballistic missiles in the atmosphere and space, Can destroy nuclear, biological, chemical warheads or conventional missiles that travel intercontinental distances.

The first of the currently used Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 systems is capable of destroying enemy missiles after they enter the atmosphere, and the other before the missiles enter the atmosphere. The main contractor of the Arrow-4s will be Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI), while the company’s direct sales division will develop the launch platform and missiles. Israeli company Elta defense industry will design a new radar for the system.

IMDO President Moshe Patel stated that Arrow-4s began to be developed 30 years after the Gulf War, and that has a symbolic meaning. According to Patel, the Arrow’4s, which were decided to be produced at the stage reached after the Gulf War, which was stated to have caused the establishment of IMDO, will have unprecedented flight and interception capabilities.


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