the scope to meet the needs of Turkey’s air defense system can not find what you seek from western countries, and then Towards the Russian-made S-400s After purchasing these, our country was excluded from the F-35 joint strike program, of which it was a partner.

Unable to reach a solution for the issue during the time we have left behind Turkey, Lobbying activities in order to protect the rights in the F-35 program decided to start. In this context, it was stated that SSTEK Defense Industry Technologies company affiliated to the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) had an agreement with Arnold & Porter, one of Washington DC’s most prestigious law firms. According to the agreement Turkey, 750 thousand dollars for a 6-month contract will pay.

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US’s Arnold & Porter said in a statement regarding the deal, “the lobbying company will provide strategic advisory for SSB and Turkish suppliers to remain on the F-35 program, taking into account the current complex geopolitical and commercial factors.” The lobbying company will also reach out to American companies on the importance of keeping the Turkish side as a strategic ally in the program.

F-35 problem The latest statement that it can be resolved through negotiationWas from Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. Akar cites Greece and former Warsaw Pact countries for S-400s as examples: “There is no such thing as we will constantly use them. The systems of countries with Soviet-era weapons are kept within NATO. We are open to negotiation, whatever model is used in the S-300s in Crete ”.

Defense is the removal of President Ismail Demir Sanayi of Turkey’s F-35 program “unilateral and illegal” and has qualified for the protection of the rights of the country stated that every step will be discarded.

What is lobbying?

Lobbying is defined as the activities carried out by the representatives of various interest groups formed for the purpose of creating political and / or commercial interests expected through the means of government, media, etc.

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