One of the biggest companies in the game world Blizzard EntertaintmentEvery year we organize an event called BlizzCon and learn about the innovations of the company’s own productions. This year, the activity is due to the epidemic BlizzConline under the name digital and completely free It was arranged.

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At this year’s event, Blizzard made many announcements to delight the players. Undoubtedly, one of the most striking among the announcements Diablo 2was a remake of. Here at the Blizzard event all announcements:

Diablo II: Resurrected

One of the most successful PC games ever Diablo® II: Resurrected returns with. Blizzard’s classic action role playing game and its award-winning expansion pack Lord of Destruction®‘in The re-developed version of the old game is coming to consoles for the first time as well as Windows PC in the following months. PC gamers can sign up now at for a chance to participate in the upcoming testing phase.

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Diablo IV: Rogue Class

Blizzard also features a dark cinematic trailer and a new gameplay video. Diablo® IV‘s new player class Rogue (Rogue)shared. He is a deceitful, fast, deadly and mobile class with unprecedented flexibility. Rogue players have many different options for attacking or trapping their enemies. They will also be able to increase their combat skills with poisons, shadow spells, and special techniques.


Blizzard is ready to bring a lot of content this year as well. Popular free digital card game Hearthstone®‘a Year of the Griffonwill meet with players in the next weeks. Also new Hearthstone consisting of cards that will bring radical changes to the game a new Core Set and players unique Hearthstone new cards to build and compete in decks as they were released in 2014 Classic game format will also be added.

The first of 2021 with the Year of Grifon Hearthstone expansion pack Forged in the Barrens™ will also be released. This pack is iconic, where millions of adventurers begin to write their legends. World of Warcraft® region and is currently available for pre-order on

Later in the year, Blizzard Warcraft® A single player, competition-centered game mode where they collect many mighty characters from the universe and level them up in tactical battles. Hearthstone Mercenarieswill remove.

World of Warcraft Chains of Domination

World of Warcraftfor Blizzard, the recently releasedShadowlands the first major content update for the expansion pack in the following months Chains of Dominationannounced. Also with this package a brand new charity pet program will be held. After reaching donation goals, all modern Wow® players will have access to two different companions, the monkey Bananas and the sloth Daisy. Besides, Blizzard is a popular World of Warcraft Redeveloped version of the expansion pack to its core Burning Crusade Classic™announced that it will be released in the following months. Burning Crusade Classic™ It will be added to players’ World of Warcraft subscriptions at no additional cost.

Blizzard® Arcade Collection

Blizzard’s anniversary theme on Windows® PC (®) Celebration Collectionof and consoles Blizzard® 30th Anniversary CollectionAvailable as part of or alone on consolesBlizzard® Arcade CollectionBlizzard’s popular console games The Lost Vikings®, Rock N Roll Racing® and Blackthorne®Includes digital versions of the website optimized for modern platforms.

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