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For developers Android 12One of the main innovations in the pre-release version of the OS is the expansion of design options for the operating system. Specifically, the appearance of the system and third-party apps depending on the theme will change and this is the background image to main color adjustable.

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This function is still in the first release not available Although, some developers how do all this in Android 12 will work they showed. Last month, Google’s uploaded to wallpaper It has been reported that it is working on new themes that can be configured manually or automatically. Developer alias Kdrag0n, this function in automatic mode shared screenshots showing how it works.

It can also affect third party applications

Images, Code name “monetinstalled background image of the new design system base color it shows you choose and adjust Android accordingly. Changes applied to the notification panel, quick settings, buttons, menu sliders and other elements of the operating system. In addition, third party applications are also based on the theme. be colored let’s specify.

New feature, Android 12 Developer Preview 1It works fine in, but not all users can enable it. DevelopersThey state that this feature will be further developed for full functionality. Currently Google’s special for users It’s unclear exactly when it will offer wallpaper-based themes, but it seems that this feature is Android 12’s In may It will be available in the first beta version, which is planned to be released.

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