China, which became the largest cinema market in the world last year, made a rapid entry into 2021. Cinemas ran from record to record in the country, which was on the New Year holiday last week. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions imposed in the halls, there was an incredible demand for the box office.

Detective Chinatown breaks the record for Avengers: Endgame

According to the news in Deadline, cinemas had the best period in their history during the Chinese New Year holiday period. From February 12 to February 17, cinemas generated a total of 7.78 billion yuan ($ 1.2 billion). It managed to significantly beat the 2019 record of 5.9 billion yuan ($ 910 million).

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New Year’s week also saw another very interesting record. The movie Detective Chinatown, which was released on February 12, managed to generate a total of $ 398 million in just three days. Detective Chinatown thus surpassed Avengers: Endgame to become the highest-grossing movie in a single market. Endgame had grossed $ 350 million in its first weekend in North America.

In China, the first country affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, cinemas were closed for about six months last year. Later, with the epidemic being taken under control towards the summer, cinemas started to host the audience again and cinema lovers gradually flocked to the theaters. The Eight Hundred movie, released in August, managed to become the highest grossing production of 2020.

This rapid turnaround in China’s cinema industry is met with positive reactions around the world. US cinema giants think that when the epidemic is brought under control, cinemas will fill up again in other parts of the world, just like in China. In this period in which the future of cinemas is being discussed, the example of China directs the industry to look at the future with hope.


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