Defense industry breakthroughs of our country continue to increase. Developed by SARSILMAZ in order to meet the machine gun needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and General Directorate of Security and to put an end to foreign dependency in this field SAR 240 PMT 7.62 project is coming to an end.

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ASELSAN produced national periscope and pistol reflex sights were delivered with a ceremony.

In this context Defense Industry President İsmail Demir’s In his post on his Twitter account, he said, “Development of 7.62 mm Machine Gun PMT 7.62 for Platforms continues. After the qualification is completed, we will end the foreign dependency in this weapon system, which we will start to deliver, and now we will make it available to our security forces with domestic and national production.”

Used in armored land platforms produced by our country’s defense industry companies Foreign weapon solutions installed in Remote Controlled Weapon Systems (UKSS) It is very pleasing that it will leave its place to the 7.62 × 51 mm SAR 240 PMT 7.62 and in the future to the 12.7 × 99 mm SAR 127 MT, which is still in the prototype stage. It said weapons systems will be added in between exports of Turkey.

SAR 240 ve SAR 127

Produced by SARSILMAZ 3 different models of SAR 240 exist. Available in SAR 240 A / B / C variants, the weapon can be modified for different purposes. In this context, SAR 240A; While it can be used in UKKSs such as SARP and STAMP, the B variant will be customized in a way that it can be fired with both fork legs and tripods within the scope of the needs of infantry class personnel. The SAR 240C’s ALTAY main battle tank is planned to be used as a coaxial machine gun with its main weapon. The body life of the SAR 240s is 50 thousand and the barrels are suitable for 25 thousand shots. SAR 240s weigh 12 kg.

If SAR 127 of 12.7 firing fully automatic and single shot have the property. The SAR 127, which can be mounted on land, sea and air vehicles other than UKKSs, will weigh 38 kg.




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