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Microsoft 365 Publishing a roadmap for the office suite, Microsoft developers announced their plans to integrate one of the promising features into word processors. According to sources close to the company, Microsoft Word adapting to every user to write It will help.

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Text prediction first September in the month of Word, and Microsoft 36It was included in the test version of 5. Feature only North american users could access it in a limited mode. With the new feature of Microsoft aimed at thing is, by guessing what users will write easier and faster It is explained as making.

Machine learning will be supported

While the user is writing, algoritmaya according to the most appropriate in terms of meaning words and phrases will see. These words will be highlighted in gray and the user can only use the appropriate text quickly to enter tab to press or to cancel if the suggested option is not available. Escape It will be enough to press the button.

In addition, Microsoft Word gradually to the user’s writing style harmony will provide and spelling and grammar It will also help reduce errors. Microsoft has a machine learning announced that he was using the model. At the same time, the company can use the user-entered text will not gain access.

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