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The launch date is still long but Samsung AR Glasses and Glasses Lite The promotional film of the augmented reality glasses named “has already been leaked”. From the inside According to learners, the company is only actively original not only develops a product, but also prepares for its presentation.

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The release date is not yet determined

The accessory presented in the video, three dimensional allows you to see digital objects in augmented reality. Advertisement As can be seen in the movie, the device, watching movies, in video chat using or traditional without screen It can also be used as a large virtual monitor capable of working on a computer. Additionally, the video sunglasses also shows the mode.

Also this refined reality With their glasses, users can also easily they will be able to control. Samsung Glasses Lite with a smartwatch to interact attention was drawn. Technology complexity i.e. processor and battery requirements Considering that this type of AR glasses as a commercial device widespread it may take a few years.

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