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AppleIt became the world’s largest supplier of smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2020. The company had not achieved such a success since 2016. This situation, compared to its competitors, expensive iPhone sales Samsung, Huawei and XiaomiIt means he left behind.

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Apple and Xiaomi not affected by drop in sales

According to Gartner’s data Year 2020 Apple in the last quarter 80 million new iPhone sold. Analysts 5G support and they believe they bought an iPhone for the improved camera. Apple, for example, in the fourth quarter of 2019 10 million it sold fewer smartphones. Company in 2020 market share almost 15% grown and in this period Samsungshare of Fell 11.8%ü.

generallySmartphone sales fell 12.5% ​​in 2020. From the top five smartphone manufacturers Apple and Xiaomiglobal decline in sales unaffected They were registered as two companies. Currently the cheapest 2020 model Apple smartphone iPhone SE 2020 It is worth noting that it is.

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