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Applecontinues to win with the iPhone 12 series. The company has reached successful sales figures with the new series and the interest in the series continues. 2 trillion more than dollar to current market value owner Apple will have a market value of over $ 3 trillion by the end of the year, according to Wedbush analysts. Analysts in the Asian market iPhone 12 They say the demand will be an important factor in this success.

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Record wins can be achieved with the super cycle

Wedbush analysts Daviel Ives and Strecker Backe argued that higher-than-expected device sales are possible, taking into account the current sales numbers of the iPhone 12, and the iPhone 12 series’super loop‘talks about what you can create. Analysts say Apple by the end of the year 3 trillion dollars They say it is possible to reach market value.

According to their analysis, if the increase in demand continues, Apple will More than 240 million pieces can reach sales numbers. Not only would this be higher than Wall Street predicted, with sales of 220 million units, but also Apple’s 231 million pieces previous sale your record According to Wedbush reports China salesA for Apple’s super cycle key point it will be.

Apple’s ever-growing Services division continues to make good amounts of money for the company. According to the last quarter data, it is shown as the most money-earning unit after iPhone sales with $ 15.76 billion. Still, Wedbush cites iPhone sales as the most important factor in Apple’s growth.

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