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Kroger Health and Gauss developed in partnership with COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Home Testwill allow users to test themselves quickly and simply. Test results are iPhone viewable via. Kroger and Gauss obtained the Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for the test kit to be made available to the public.USA) waiting.

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Home COVID-19 test in 15 minutes

The test consists of a kit that shows step-by-step instructions for properly collecting and handling a swab sample and an iPhone app to learn the results.

Process is completed 15 minutes then the application needs the user to enter the application. The application will ask the user to scan the quick test through the camera of an iPhone and display the results. If necessary, test results can also be shared with local health units.

A preliminary clinical report submitted to the FDA to support the reliability of the application, compared to the test’s current Emergency Use Authorization-approved PCR tests. 93% positive and % 99 is negative documents proving the accuracy of the results were presented.

Gauss has 1.5 million kits in hibernation as it plans to begin distribution immediately after receiving EUA approval. The company claims that it can perform up to 30 million tests per month at full production capacity. It is unknown whether the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Home Test will be available outside of the US, but there are no such plans for initial distributions.

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