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Late last month Xiaomi, Mi Air Charge introduced a wireless charging technology called. With this technology, your compatible devices can be charged wirelessly via a charging station placed in your environment. Similar technology OppoAt the 2021 Mobile World Congress (MWC) Wireless Air Charging showcased by name.

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What will Oppo Wireless Air Charging offer?

Oppo introduced its new wireless charging technology at MWC 2021. Oppo Wireless Air Charging, magnetic resonance technology without cables or charging stand 7.5 W’It will be able to provide up to charge power. The device will continue to charge even when it is tilted to either side and can be used while charging.

Company concept phone with sliding screen for the introduction of new wireless charging technology Oppo X 2021He preferred. Oppo X 2021, 6.7 inches 7.4 inches It has a seamlessly expandable OLED display. The device uses two drive motors with the Roll Motor power transmission system to extend and retract smoothly without too much pressure on the screen.

The device is attached to the charging mat 10 cm When it gets close, it starts charging. In Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge solution, the phone works even if it is a few meters away from the charging station, but in Oppo, this distance is much more limited. These new wireless charging technologies may take several years to be released.


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