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Nubia will officially introduce two weeks later and 4500mAh Player phone that will come with a capacity battery Red Magic 6 Proin just five minutes %0’dan %50’ye offering up to charge 120W GaN (Gallium Nitride) will support fast charging.

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Charger will replace in the box

Telephone, will come out of the box with a suitable charger. Because this important detail is the CEO of the Nubia brand. Ni Fei It was announced personally by. Lately at the beginning Apple and Samsung companies, in the boxes of their smart phones, or not they don’t put charger, or with the device below the fast charging value supported by the phone on sale they offer. But, Red Magic 6 Pro such a situation will not be valid for.

In addition, Ni Fei team’s smartphone overheating and what measures it takes to prevent damage to the battery. he explained. Red Magic 6 Pro is an easy to use to graphite plate and using kinetic energy to redistribute charge faster. electrolytes Will have. Developers also a battery powered safe they did so that a in case of malfunction even the rest of the phone’s internal components intact will be able to stay.

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