Dion in 2021, Honda’s new model will be offered for sale for the first time in Turkey, it is preparing to bring a new breath to the scooter segment. Honda Diowith 3 different color options: pearl jasmine white, matte metallic black and candy red February 24 since 20 thousand 100 TL‘Like the way the price goes to Turkey.

Designed for the daily needs of the users, the model stands out with its fuel economy as well as its safe and easy use. Dio, the entry-level model of the scooter segment, offers functional solutions to the users with its air-cooled, fuel-injected, efficient Smart Power (eSP) engine, balanced chassis, Honda Combined Brake System (CBS) and large storage area.

Honda, which launched the Juno K, the first Scooter model in its history, in 1954 and then launched the Super Cub, the best-selling motor vehicle in history, once again proves its strength in the Scooter segment with Dio. At the heart of Honda’s iconic designs are always smarter, lighter and easier to use.

High efficiency Smart Power motor

According to the statement, the new Honda Dio weighs 22 kilograms 109 cc With its bulky, double-valve and multi-air-cooled fuel injection SOHC Smart Power (eSP) engine, it offers an efficient performance with its lightweight and durable structure.

Engine with 47 mm diameter and 63.1 mm stroke with 10: 1 compression value at 7,500 rpm 6.4 kW power and at 5,570 rpm 9,0 Nm tork draws attention to high productivity with its production.

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Providing ease of city driving, the new Dio, with its high efficiency engine and 4.9 liter fuel tank under the seat Over 260 kilometers range can reach.

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Providing fuel efficiency thanks to its double toothed belt, the electronically controlled brushless ACG starter motor also acts as an alternator and reduces noise. Thanks to the Start & Stop feature of the motorcycle, which is Euro 5 compliant, when the brake is applied three seconds after stopping, the engine stops and is restarted by pulling the throttle lever.

Dio provides an advantage to users with its innovative hardware features such as an analog speedometer and an easy-to-read instrument panel with LCD information display.

Light and durable construction with smart skeleton

Dio offers a solid and balanced driving experience with its lightweight yet durable structure suitable for daily use thanks to its new generation Smart Skeleton (eSAF) feature. Honda Dio offers an extremely lightweight structure with 96 kilograms of curb weight, while at the same time promising an agile, agile and user-friendly driving experience for drivers with different experience and skills.

With the rear shock absorber compatible with robust telescopic forks, cast aluminum wheels surrounding the tires, and the GIS supported brake system, the driving safety and comfort of the users are provided.

The new Dio model, with its upright architectural design, offers its users the comfort of daily use with its useful flat floor and under-seat storage area of ​​17.7 liters.

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