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Voice social network Clubhousecreators of the platform Android started developing version. Android device owners after iOS users in a recent period They will be able to use the Clubhouse.

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News, Clubhouse office you visitedsaid developer Mopewa Ogundipecame from. In the post shared by the developer on his Twitter account, the following: expressions used: “If you know me, you probably only know my thoughts on iOS apps. Therefore, I am excited to join the team that is dealing with streaming social networking to Android..”

Photo: Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison

There was a data leak

Development phase and the size of the team is not specified, but the service is likely to appear on the Android platform in the near future. Clubhouse social network Mart 202It started operations at 0, but there was a very rapid growth in service at the beginning of 2021. For 16 days in February, the audience of the social network doubled and 3.5 to 8 million rose to the user.

Despite this, some users privacy of data on service they started to worry about it. On February 22, conversations received by an unknown user from “many rooms” were on third party site It turned out that he can publish. One Clubhouse and the spokesperson of the social network permanently blocking and new safety rules He said he brought it. Some researchers believe that the platform data protection they believe you can’t.

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