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In addition to entering passwords and PINs, many Apple devices also use biometric authentication such as Touch ID and Face ID to unlock or activate payments. For these features that increase usability, Apple again faces a patent crisis. Australian CPC Patent Technologies, Apple’a Touch ID, Face ID and Apple Card of their products violated three patents on the grounds sued.

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One more patent lawsuit

While the first two patents to be filed in the lawsuit from CPC’s patents in the US are about biometric authentication, the latest patent revolves around the security of smart credit cards with the help of relevant readers. Although it is seen that the technologies used when entering the patent details are similar, they are not exactly the same.

Patently AppleIn: “Australian CPC Patent Technologies Pty Ltd. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The company claims that iPhone and iPads equipped with Face or Touch ID have infringed three of its patents. All three patents were sued by Securicom. “obtained from”, which makes CPC Patent Technologies a Patent Troll or a non-applicator or non-manufacturer organization (NPE). ” statements were included.

CPC warned Apple in March 2020, but tech giant refused to license the patents. Plaintiff company, Appleclaims compensation and payment of court costs.

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