ASELSANAnnounced its 2020 financial results. It left behind a financially positive year. Turnover compared to last year by 24 percent growth It exceeded 16 billion TL. Net profit compared to last year 33 percent increase by showing, reached 4.5 billion TL. Consolidated net sales increased by 24 percent and exceeded 16 billion TL. The highest sales and profitability in the history of the company was achieved.

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Record balance sheet from ASELSAN

The company’s EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation and Tax) increased by 38 percent and To 4 billion TL reached. EBITDA margin increased to 24.4 percent.

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ASELSAN turned the negative effects of Covid-19 into opportunities with its projects for the health sector in 2020. Deliveries were made and new contracts were signed in the defense industry. ASELSAN, in 2020 With 6 new countries Signed a new contract worth $ 446 million. The $ 1 billion order threshold in exports was exceeded. Total order amount reached 9.5 billion dollars.

3.3 billion TL was spent for R&D studies in 2020. The company’s year-end cash holdings stood at TL 4 billion.

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