Google with a blog post, a screen reader TalkBack, Maps, Assistant and Android Auto a new password control tool, including scheduling messages, as well as improvements to products such as Androidannounced the next set of features to come.

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Password Check

Google, Android 9 and an integrated version for devices running Password Check launched the feature. With this feature, the user will be informed whether the password used has been disclosed before and what to do about it.

The user is on the smartphone to save their credentials. Autofill with Google If it has enabled the service, the service will check for compromised information, and then Google will suggest password changes if necessary.

This feature was introduced in Google Chrome in 2019 and is now coming to Android.

Message Planning

Detected by some users in September 2020 but not officially approved by the company Google Messages’Also, the ability to schedule the delivery time of the message is now officially available.

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RCS in Google Messaging is available globally: Next-generation messaging

Users will now be able to view the schedule options they want to send via the application by long-pressing the send button. Application with some recommended times the time the user wants will also let him choose.

New version of TalkBack

Android, aimed at visually impaired or low vision TalkBack It now refreshes a screen reader with more intuitive gestures, a unified and new reading control menu and spoken feedback.

Google Assistant is now more functional

Google AssistantReceives improvements in voice commands to interact with the digital assistant when your screen is off and the device is locked. Google says the cards that display the information are now larger and make it easier to read responses from anywhere in the room.

Dark Mode in Google Maps

Dark Mode, which has been introduced for almost all of Google’s applications, is finally coming to Google Maps. Dark theme on Google Maps by entering the ‘Theme’ option in the application settings. Always in Dark Theme option must be enabled.

Android Auto customizations

Android AutoThe new features offered in the are directed towards increasing driving pleasure. With the new update, there is support for custom wallpapers as well as voice-activated games. Google Assistant Shortcuts will be available on the vehicle display for easy access to features such as checking the weather via and climate controls.

A new split screen view and a button to control when it will appear on Android Auto’s screen. privacy screen is among the features that will come with the update.

New Android Auto features in the coming days Android 6 Users with phones running and later versions can be used when connected to their compatible car


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