The share of renewable energy in Turkey continues to grow. In wind energy A record start was made to 2021.

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Record broken in wind power generation

In January 2021 27 046 GWh of electricity was produced in Turkey. Of the electricity produced 10.7 percent It was met from wind power plants. Electricity generation from wind, for the first time in history exceeded 10 percent on a monthly basis

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As you can see in the chart above, 34.7 percent of the electricity generated in January was from coal, 30.8 percent from natural gas, and 15.9 percent from hydraulic power plants. 10.7 percent It was obtained from the wind. The remaining percent are geothermal, solar and biomass resources. The ratio of electricity generated in January to be met from domestic and renewable sources 49.5 percent happened.

In terms of installed power, a total of 96 thousand 271 MW was reached. There was a 380 MW capacity increase last month. Total installed power in wind 9 thousand 7 megawatts was recorded as. In other words, 9.4 percent of the total installed power is wind energy.

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