Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Bend Studio. PlayStation exclusive game Days GoneAnnounced for the PC.

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President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan, In a recent interview with GQ, Days Gone for PC that you will debut this spring told. Also Jim Ryan, that more games will come to PC in the future He also gave the signal. Unfortunately, it is not clear which games will come in the future. But for a long time To the first game of The Last of Us There were serious rumors about it.

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President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan about the topic, “Especially in the second half of the PlayStation 4 period, our studios seriously great games made. These great games to a wider audience we have the opportunity to present. This opportunity is not always available. So much for us it was an easy decision. said.

You can find the trailer of Days Gone below.

Description of the Game

Deacon St., a stray and loot hunter. Ride with John to a table of wolves devastated by a deadly plague.

Face the insane hordes of insane Wacky and just as dangerous people as you face dangers on the rough road with your faithful stray bike.

Unpredictable weather conditions and different times of the day can conceive incredible dangers, shocking surprises and anything else that wants you to die.

  • Wild open world: Explore the incredibly realistic, vast and hostile regions of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Hard and open-ended conflicts: Strategize by customizing your weapons and abilities, creating traps, and upgrading your motorcycle.
  • Immersive story: Survive in the brutal nature as you seek a reason to hold on to life after a deep and personal loss.

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