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Publisher tinyBuild and game studio Moon Moose, a drug dealing game Cartel Tycoonannounced the release date. The game will be released next month.

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Set in Latin America

The game called Cartel Tycoon, In 80’s Latin America passing. In the story, cocaine wave is beginning to engulf the United States and with them the rest of the world. Players In this period, without ignoring competitors, local governments, and other obstacles to deal with drug production and they will try to build their empire by creating marketing routes.

Game, early access under the program 18 Mart in history, Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store It will be released on several platforms at the same time, including Of the GTA series while still occupying the agenda of the debates about directing young people to violence, knife edge How will Cartel Tycoon react? next we will see in the period.

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