Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Housemarque. by third-person perspective roguelike shooter game Returnal a new trailer was shared.

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PlayStation 5 exclusive game Returnal is out on March 19

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In the new trailer released, the game takes place Atropos named The planet is being introduced. When we look at the published video, Atropos gives us many different atmospheres looks like it will make you feel. The aforementioned trailer from below iYou can watch.

Returnal, For PlayStation 5 only on April 30, 2021 will be published.

Introductory Letter

  • Having made a forced landing in this shape-shifting world, Selene has to search the barren lands of an ancient civilization for her escape. He is alone, he finds himself struggling to survive, putting his life on his teeth. He is defeated over and over again, each time he dies he has to start his journey again.
  • With brutal roguelike gameplay, you will see that as the planet changes with each cycle, the items you use also change. Each loop offers new combinations that push you to push your limits and approach the fight with a different strategy each time.
  • The dark beauty of the decaying world brought to life with eye-catching visual effects is full of explosive surprises. From high-stakes and bullet-hell fighting with harsh and conflicting environments to instinctive moves. You will discover your own path and fight on that path, with an unforgiving journey that mystery is always after you.
  • Designed for highly replayable, Returnal’s procedural world invites you to heal your wounds in the face of defeat and tackle new and evolving challenges with each rebirth.

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