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The technology giant recently AppleIt was learned that the company held an annual shareholders meeting and that the performance of the company management last year was taken into consideration in this meeting. also CEO Tim Cook‘s Apple’s future-proof from their plans It is stated that he shared some of them.

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It at the meeting Name at the head of Apple Cook, did not detail exactly what was expected, but a design change and your notch It is supposed to be talking about abandonment. Your notch in new generation iPhones downsizing or completely abolition Waiting. Because, China smartphone manufacturers have been compact solutions they started to offer.

iPhone users happy development

Last yeariPhone 12After the launch of Apple, various sources An iPhone 13 without a notch They declared that he was testing his prototype. If this rumor for users, if they are correct and the results are acceptable. annoying the situation may become history.

Previous leaks were Apple’s will introduce this year new generation smart phones, iPhone 13 not as iPhone 12s It was that he would call it. Due to next notch on iPhone models of the year (12s) to be reduced and with iPhone 13 can handle is being considered.

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