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New last December App Store about 2 months after the launch of the privacy tags Apple, developers App Store privacy labels to better understand the information required for published additional guide. It also included more information about data types, data collected and data entered by users on the company developer page.

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Additional guidance for privacy tags

In December 2020, Apple began requiring apps to list their privacy information on the App Store. The company said this feature is important for users to better understand how apps use their data. Despite the feature being available, some developers have not yet added tags to their apps.

Apple Developer posted on the website: “Additional details on completing your App Store privacy tags, including more information on types of data and game content such as email or text messages. Also, data collected in web views and by users into documents or other file types. about data that can be entered more information You will find. “

In the supplemental guide published by Apple, if the app or game has web views, collects users’ IP addresses, and even offers multiplayer matches, we ask developers. how they fill out the privacy report explains that it should.

Apple’s application privacy details and additional guidance can be found here.

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