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When we say navigation, the route drawn from one point to another comes to mind, but today it is important to map the interiors for precision. Map providers like Google and Apple are doing the most precise indoor mapping with different technologies, but Apple seems a little ahead.

Community standard adopted

AppleAs will be remembered, the map adventure of Turkey started with great scandals and there were a series of mistakes until the ones who fell into the empty land. Apple He did not give up and put forward a highly accurate mapping service with huge investments in numerous countries.

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In addition to general navigation, Apple also attaches importance to indoor mapping. In 2013, Apple purchased the WiFiSlam initiative and started WiFi-supported indoor mapping studies; It had reached its final version with the iOS 11 version.

Indoor Mapping Format (IMDFThis technology, which is defined as), gives importance to user privacy via WiFi, and allows indoor mapping without the need for any equipment installation. Stadiums, airports, shopping centers, school campuses are the most suitable places and it is possible to see examples on Apple Maps.

Open Geospatial The consortium states that they see this technology grow more and more every day and in this respect, they think it should be added to the standard foundations of the consortium. IMDF will integrate with other standards of the consortium, thus providing the precise positioning needed.

Within the Open Geospatial Consortium Apple, Autodesk, Esri, Google, New York Communications and Telecommunications Department (DOITT), Ordnance Survey Limited and organizations such as Safe Software.

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