Epic Games’ new free game that presents games or games every week opened to access and the game that will be given next week has been determined.

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Epic Games’in bu hafta free His game is Sunless Sea, a Lovecraft-themed survival exploration game. The value of the game 29 TL. From now on 4 March 2021 until 19:00 in Turkey time If you add the game from Epic Games to your library, the game will be completely yours. Game free You can reach the page you can get here.

The game Epic Games will give free of charge next week is Wargame: Red Dragon.. This game too 4 Mart 19.00 ‘and You can add it to your account for free. You can find the video and promotional article of the game to be given this week below.

Introductory Letter


Sunless Sea; It is a Gothic Horror RPG that focuses on exploration, engaging storytelling and dying constantly.

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Epic Games’ free game this week is now available

Captain a Victorian-era steamship on a massive underground sea

If the giant crabs, foreboding icebergs and herds of bats don’t get your job done, you are sure to sew the hoofs out of cannibalism and madness. Yet this ancient black ocean is calling you. Valuable spoils await those who have the courage to sail in these waters.

Find interesting crew members

Recruit unique officers such as the Haunted Doctor and the Irrepressible Cannoneer. If you can persuade them to speak, each has a story to tell.

Far from the gas lamps of civilization

Light and dark, fear and madness: If you spend too much time in this dark and vast sea, your crew will fall prey to fear and ultimately lose their mind.

Captain a brutal and unique world

A deep, challenging world full of stories and secrets of more than 350,000 words. Find your father’s bones. Draw the fate of London. Challenge the gods of the deep waters.

Captain will die

Transfer your resources from one generation to the next. Get a family home and a stash of relics. It is legendary among sailors who dared to sail, lost and occasionally won.

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