The virtual reality game published and developed by the Turkish game studio Gamebit Naau: The Lost Eye, Accessible on Steam.

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Turkish-made VR game Naau: The Lost Eye’s release date has been announced

Naau: The Lost Eye, now on Steam with early access version 36,00TL’ye is open to access. Game Until March 4 It will be sold from 36,00 TL and then increase to 40,00 TL. At game Turkish subtitle There is also support. Virtual reality devices supported by Naau: The Lost Eye are Valve Index, HTC Vive ve Oculus Rift.

Here You can access the game’s Steam page by clicking. You can also see the trailer and the trailer of the game. you can find it below.

Introductory Letter

NAAU: THE LOST EYE; Rich content, which includes adventure, action and puzzle types, providing the players the ability to interact physically such as touching and holding the characters, is a story virtual reality game. Designed for Oculus rift, oculus rift s, valve index, htc vive, windows mixed reality virtual reality glasses.

Naau’s story, played through the eyes of first person, begins with three people stealing the energy stone from a mysterious portal to his universe. Naau who follow them is open throwing himself off the portal, In fact, there are grandiose places bearing the traces of a civilization that lived in the past but disappeared, there are majestic sculptures and a number of mysterious machines, which must be overcome. with spatial difficulties he finds himself in a world full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Due to the absence of an energy stone, it has to collect the energy it needs from the environment. Wanting to reclaim the energy stone Naau will encounter different creatures in this adventure and will have to fight with them because of their energy need. All he wants is to just take the energy stone and go back to his universe.

  • Choose the weapon you want: Choose your fighting technique yourself! You can design weapons or combats made of simple objects with special powers, or when you get in trouble, you can pick up a stone closest to you, for example on the ground, and start defending yourself. When you want to hit distant objects, arrows, boomerangs, crossbows will be very useful. Let’s see how good a shooter you are!
  • Enemies: In the rich universe of Naau; Golems, mischievous little creatures, giant movable flowers, wizards, bats, giant treemen and more will appear!
  • Movement System: Naau: The Lost Eye has three different movement systems for you to move freely without nausea and comfortably. You can teleport if you want, or you can move in the classical first-person way (locomation) or you can move very quickly (dash teleport). You can change your style of action whenever you want in the game.
  • Interaction: You can climb high by using the climbing areas in the venues, and discover surprises waiting for you at the end of some climbing tracks. Thanks to the character interaction in the game, you can also touch the characters and attack using only your hands. This feature was made for those who do not compromise on manners, who say power comes from the wrist, who love to slapping, and that primitive combat is not dead.

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