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Google, 9-12 years old for parents with children between YouTubeAbout to add a new solution to. The search giant is a search giant that develops algorithms to restrict access to certain functions and determine age limits. parental control system would occur.

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With the new YouTube policy, there will be virtually no ad-free videos

This solution is the main YouTube platform, under parental control mode. Now the child will be able to use Youtube through a controlled Google account, and the parents will be able to your functions and your videos will be able to choose to be presented. Beta testing of the new mode in the coming months will begin Let’s also specify.

Google, three content categories will present:

  • Basic: This category is for kids who have surpassed YouTube Kids and are ready to move on to the mainstream platform. The selection will include video blogs, educational and educational videos, music videos, as well as videos about games, new events and other topics that attract children over the age of 9.
  • Advanced: The kid will have access to a wider selection of videos and live streams from the “Basic” category.
  • Almost all YouTube: The kid will be able to watch almost any video on YouTube. Materials intended only for viewers over the age of 18 will not be available to him. However, this collection contains videos on sensitive topics. These videos are only suitable for older teens.

Monitoring time can also be adjusted

Current parental control what properties In addition, with the ability to choose which videos children watch, Google can manage browsing and search history in the child’s account Family Link It will also make it possible to set parameters through its application. Parents especially, monitoring time They will be able to set a limit for it. Other functions such as blocking of videos and channels will be added in the future.

Also, parental controls personalized or classified ads will not show. In addition, in-app purchases, reviews, and to videos will not allow initially. Finally, Google’s these features are progressively add to the platform Let’s also state that it is planned.

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