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Future climate change to accurately predict these changes, as possible It is necessary to take into account many factors. In parallel with all this European scientists, in order to serve these purposes, a digital model they plan to create.

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Destination Earth This project, called, was developed by a group of European experts. Work Mid 2021 will start and In 10 years is planned to be ready. During this time, climatologists, with scientists, not only a copy of the Earth, but also spatial, temporal and climatic showing events algorithms also needs to create.

Various scenarios can be tested

Due to water and energy resources on the planet, including the use of human influence It is aimed to create a system that takes into account. Besides all these, our planet digital copy, potential climate change scenarios to be created and one to test information system will also be used as.

For example, a energy company, one hydroelectric power plant in any country to build dam decided to do it. Using the “twin” of the Earth, the construction of this facility climate change in the region how it will affect guess will also provide.

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