Apple has a new French to online shop in France to comply with the law iPhone and MacBook added care points. Rating points, the ease of disassembly of the device, the availability of the repair manual, and of spare parts features such as availability is taken into account reported.

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Apple products ease of maintenancediffers slightly by device and generation. For example, iPhone 12 family Rated 6 out of 10 while buying, last year’s iPhone 11‘in 4,5-4,6 significantly lower to points seems to have. According to the descriptions this improvementnew iPhones compared to previous models easier to dismantle and parts from the total cost of the phone. cheaper It is due to the fact that. Points are different MacBook for models 5.6 to 7 between.

Manufacturers lead to quality production

Repairability figures, together with the new waste legislation On January 1 a new coming into force French lawI need to be specified under the scope now. Government, with this scoring system consumers to improve information and performance to put pressure on producers aims. However, the system not perfect. For example, manufacturers software updates scores by simple measures such as providing additional information about that they can increase easily stated.

France’s new law is still early adaptation in stages and only in 2022, companies to be punished will start. However currently smartphones, laptops, TVs, washing machines and lawn mowers in the future of the initiative more product categories It is already hoped that it can be expanded to include. Last year European ParliamentConsidering the fact that the law voted in favor of a law on the right to repair, similar initiatives It is expected to spread to other countries.

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