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Bitcoinin the middle of panic among investors Just the approximate value of the day Lost 10% and this is the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. 100 billion caused the dollar to decrease. BTC right now 850 billion dollarswith k total market capitalization $ 45,500 trading around.

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The crypto money market is the last In 5 days almost 400 billion dollars lost. Bitcoin and Ethereum last Saturday thanks to record price hikes $ 1.75 trillion After hitting a record high, the crypto market on Friday For 1.37 trillion dollars fell.

The decline continues

Bitcoin and other digital currencies Corporate Despite the positive news about its adoption, the cryptocurrency market has in downward trend remained. One of the world’s largest business technology companies MicroStrategyto increase cryptocurrency assets earlier this week Of $ 1 billion bought bitcoin on had announced.

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is about % 61.7’s here constituent Bitcoinin the last few days From 200 billion dollars lost much market value. The status is worth its value in the last 5 days More than 25% lost Ethereum even worse for it.

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