New US presidential administrationThe overall process of sanctions against Chinakeep the job He showed his determination. However, at the same time, the sanctions selectively also implied the need for its implementation. In this development Huawei at least in terms of the possibility of purchasing components of American origin. glimmer of hope has been.

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Change of US President will not lift bans on Huawei

Vice President, responsible for Huawei’s American representationI Tim Danks, By the Japanese edition of Nikkei Asian Review in the interview sanctions possible change shared his hope. Chinese giant, the problem of sanctions against Huawei from the policy agenda separately he saw for, with Joseph Biden and his team Skipping Beijing hopes to enter into negotiations. Company representatives, in dialogue with new officials, With American companies They believe they can set the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation.

What Huawei put into itself minimum target, Purchasing goods from American companies and using technologies It was announced as obtaining permission for the right. The company is national security understands their concerns about their concerns, but needs to be more careful to ensure this. a pragmatic approach they believe improvement is necessary.

Huawei is hopeful about possible meeting

On the other hand, Huawei’s supplies the components partners, obtaining a license for the right to renew cooperation with this company wishes they expressed. Due to US sanctions, the company since last September TSMCCannot use the services of. Huawei representatives, in this direction In the US sanctions policy some positive changes will be possible what they hoped they said.

Negotiations, if any, since December 2018 CanadaAt the request of the American authorities in under house arrest Huawei CFO waiting for extradition to the US Meng WanzhouThe fate of will also be determined. The last hearing in his case will be held on 1 March. Of Huawei founder’s daughter The issue of extradition to the US authorities was in May of this year. to decide will be connected.

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