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Chinese tech giant Huaweiis preparing to expand its software portfolio. HarmonyOSThe company’s next step in this area after, own programming language it will be.

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It takes its name from Chinese culture

Found on the web patent Based on the documentation, Huawei The programming language developed by Cangjie We can say that it will be available under the name. This term is also used for the legendary emperor. Huang Di’court historian and legendary creator of Chinese writing. Cang Jienamed after, to computers Entering Chinese characters It also expresses its method.

on the other hand Cang JieThe Chinese writing system creator of accepted as. For the company, this is made to Chinese culture first reference not. Earlier Make a, Hongmeng, Kunpeng, Barong, Taishan, Lingxiao and Shengteng their brands were taken from the country’s old history. Cangjie programming language in this year it is expected to announce officially.

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