Sometime DH Android There was such a thing as an app development diary, what happened to it? Oh, we’re already in it, sorry. We just got a little offended. Although we have been publishing a new diary for two weeks, nobody calls and asks if you are okay or something. We even think that there will be people who can go so far as to say that they have seen these diaries for the first time, but we give up to keep our calm.

We broke up a bit, so we will convey the changes in several versions together. Let us remember what we did first and then we will pass it on to you. Was it a technology button or not, we wrote that. Heh okay. Come on, let’s move on.

If you don’t call, call me?

Actually forum and portal Our search pages have been active for a long time. We are sure that you use it with pleasure. However, as we have repeatedly reported in previous logs, the application was drowning in Java + MVC. Fortunately, Kotlin + MVVM came to our rescue and we had the chance to both make the old pages cleaner and incorporate new technologies. This is what happens in forum and portal searches.

Yes, from the outside, there is no design change, so it may be creating an effect of “The magnificent change of Mrs. Süreyya”. Come and ask us about it. In short, it used to burn you inside and out, now it doesn’t burn anyone. This is not funny, but we will not delete it.

By the way, let’s talk a little bit about the search part. As you can imagine, there are two different search pages for forum and portal. After searching through all topics, with the help of various filters only titles or specific date ranges possible to scan. In addition, the forum and member options that you can choose while searching are also directly specified as you can understand from their names. forums or members of allows you to search.

Our search page in the portal section is for you to switch to a different dimension .. Wait a second that portal was not this portal. Yes you know the news You can also use the portal search page to browse through. In addition to the familiar filters, on the portal side gallery, video and news With options, you can find the content you target much faster.

Our shop should be on the street, with combi boilers and advertisements.

First of all, let’s apologize for any jokes you have been exposed to so far. As you can see in quality places today. Anyway yes it came. Editing shop advertisements came. We hope our dear members who have been eating the flesh of our heads by saying “I can’t update the postings in the shop bik bik bik” for months, have been relieved. Offensive yes, we don’t care or not.

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DH Android app development log # 4

But in our opinion, it was very good, and this feature was very nice. Now, you will be able to perform all the operations you can do about your postings on our desktop forum site in our Android application. Announcement sold, reservations etc. mark, reference want to advertise by updating there is everything you can think of, like making it go upstairs.

I can not login

Now you can. Yeah, okay, that was really annoying. Some of the memberships that are used smoothly on the forum are that you cannot login We have been receiving feedback about it for a long time. Thanks to the new entrance system, which we developed using our superior engineering skills, there are no more people who cannot log in anymore. Fortunately, nobody sees what’s going on inside. (* Swh) Isn’t this a green dictionary thing? Anyway, there is no need to compare with another color when there is DH orange.

Small changes

Let’s talk about the remaining changes in this section reserved for our members who know how to be happy about small things. Application general readability of titles to make design changes to the menu section. new episodes (for example, quick access to DH Discount Codes), with users you have blocked related privacy changes, on the notification page and adjustments to notification settings etc. elongating in shape. In addition as always DH Android App Update History We have also solved the problems you conveyed to us.

As you read these lines …

Yes, as you read these lines, we continue to work on many new features as the Android team. It is appropriate to say that we look forward to presenting some of them to your liking. But you have to wait a little bit, there is nothing to do. After all, isn’t life waiting for death, at the end of the day? Obviously, after writing this much, the quality drops even more. You will say that it is not very high at first though, you are right.

Again, let’s express our gratitude to all our friends in the backend, design and management section for their support in addition to the Android team in the development of these new features. See you at number 6!

DH Android Team

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DH - Technology News, Forum, Hot Deals
DH - Technology News, Forum, Hot Deals

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