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Reuters According to a report published by the Chinese technology giant Huawei, electric car will enter the industry. In the talks between Reuters and four different sources close to Huawei, Huawei’s under own brand It was said that it plans to build electric vehicles and may launch some models this year.

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Huawei branded electric vehicles are coming

The company, which has recently experienced a sharp decline in the giant smartphone business due to US trade sanctions, is state-owned Changan Automobile is in talks with.

Sources also cited China-based BluePark New Energy Technology, which is part of BAIC Group, a state-owned car group that specializes in the design, R&D and sales of cars, as another company Huawei is discussing.

A Huawei spokesperson stating that they have no plans to design EVs or build Huawei-branded vehicles: “Huawei is not an automaker, but a digital car focused and newly added component provider that allows auto OEMs to produce better parts through ICT (information and communications technology). we aim to be. ” made statements.

One source said Huawei is the head of the consumer business group, which makes the company one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers. Richard YuHe said he would shift the focus of EVs to EVs. Another source is that EVs are a mass market He said he would target his segment.


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