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Billiards years, hundreds and even years to master the game on a professional level thousands of hours of practice requires. From Stuff Made Here YouTube channel Shane Whiton decided that this was too long and boring, and instead of working with a coach, he never missed a robotic cue developed.

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Calculates all parameters

Device, ball spinweight and all other necessary for the correct hit in the hole possibilities taking the shot into account in real time can calculate. Cue, precision aim around a servo coupling and a pneumatic drive hitting the ball built. Arduino board thanks also to all the necessary parameters can calculate.

Also cue, ball position of as can determine, other balls orbit can also guess. How the system works above on video you can see it widely. Project inventor Shane WhitonThe explanation of his device is as follows: “It was harder than I thought. It took me a long time to deal with all the challenges of this project, but when it finally came together, it was worth it.

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