Popular media player in the past weeks VLC’developers of the software 20th anniversary, at the same time 3.5 billion had celebrated the number of downloads. In honor of this also do not apply radical With a redesign, it was announced that it intends to release a major update.

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VLC media player hits 3.5 billion downloads: Major update coming

Developers holding ondecided not to torment users and reveal the upcoming changes. As you can see in the screenshots posted, VLC 4.0 radically different from the current version. Desktop version of the player interface much more modern and minimalist has become.

Previously, when launching the application, users conical It was greeted by an empty window with a logo. When opening the program in the new version, the “VideoThe videos in the “folder are displayed. Probably content source from settings you will be able to change.

Final release will arrive towards the end of the year

At the top, on your computer displaying audio files from the corresponding folder “MusicThe tab “also draws attention. In addition, it will be possible to view media files on the local network. The developers, VLC videos and while playing their music, they completely redesigned the player window. Changes context menus, settings and all other elements of the application. affected case.

Currently, VLC’s new version It is still in development, so some features do not work as expected or do not exist at all. If your final version from the end of this year planned to be released first.

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