We’ve watched many productions about undercover agents. In general, such productions are more to the action side focuses or to the side of politics. That’s why we usually focus on events, not people. The series that I will propose today focuses on an agent who goes undercover again, but your work is not on the action side. He approaches it from a different angle.

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The series I will propose today is Patriot. Patriot, created by Steve Conrad in the cast There are names such as Michael Dorman, Kurtwood Smith, Michael Chernus, Kathleen Munroe, Aliette Opheim, Chris Conrad, Terry O’Quinn, Julian Richings and Marcus Toji.

As I said, the series is actually secret agent themed but not by action or politics to events, psychology of the agent Approaching by. In fact, we all guessed how difficult this kind of life is for people, and in this series, our main character is actually having a very difficult life. However, the series kara mizah It turns out to be a very enjoyable production to watch because it tells in style.

Your main character to have a hard life As if not enough, events are constantly developing in a negative way. A really good acting is needed to convey this situation. It’s an acting that doesn’t overwhelm people but also makes you feel that things are bad. Michael Dorman He exhibited exactly such an act, personally, I loved watching him. Likewise, the director of the series has done a tremendous job and in story fiction He did a good job. It is not an easy thing to tell such a depressive story that is both fun and tense.

In short, this series called Patriot can be easily I can recommend it to anyone. The series of two seasons is now On Amazon Prime Video you can find.

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